With the total refurbishment of the building estimated to cost around £4 Million we are asking you to donate to a project within the building. You can chose where you want your donation to be spent so when the renovation is complete you know exactly how you were part of its success.

Early Refurbishment Projects

On December 21st 2017, a new board of trustees took responsibility for the Resolven Miners Welfare building. Since then, research by the board has shown that restoration plans to bring the whole building back into use for the community can cost millions of pounds. The planed restoration project can become one of the largest investments Resolven has ever had. We hope that the project can become a catalyst for further investment in the area in regards to better infrastructure, facilities and business regeneration.
In January 2018, the charity asked for a survey of the building to take place. This was to indicate and give a better understanding on the current state of the building along with what repair work is needed to ensure it remains open for the community.
The building survey stated that, for the age of the building and lack of maintenance over the past 15 years or so, it was in a fair to reliable condition. It also gave the necessary repair works needed to allow the building to continue to serve the community.