There is a currently a group for ‘ex-miner’s wife’s’  meeting at the building every two weeks on a Tuesday morning from 11am to 1pm, although the group is open to all. This group was organised for the ladies as a place where they are able to meet and socialise with like-minded people. The group organised by Claire Jenkins, a social inclusion coordinator from the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation (CISWO), is a place where these ladies are able to feel relaxed and congregate to share stories and enjoy one another’s company.

CISWO wanted to ensure that the needs of ex-miners in the village were being met. They organised a group that allowed like-minded ladies to ability to get together and discuss how they would be able to help them become more active and socialise more within the community. Out of this idea the ladies group was formed. It originally had residents from all over the valley and Glynneath was a major contributor as there was no welfare building in their area as it was demolished many years ago.

Currently the group use the building for recreational purposes. They enjoy tea, coffee and light snacks that are both brought in by members and use the limited facilities offered by the limited company trading from the establishment. They also organise afternoon lunch and day trips to theatre buildings like Swansea Grand Theatre to see performances of interest to them.

With the group becoming so popular with more and more members attending the days which they would meet, the building was unable to cope. The needs and demand of a group that had so many members become impossible to house and so a solution had to be delivered. With there being so many ladies attending from the Glynneath area, they had to start looking for a venue outside the village so that the group could be split up. A venue in the town of Glynneath was available and so members from that area now meet outside the village.