Our diamond in the rough! The hidden gem at Resolven Miners’ Welfare

In decades gone by, armies of hardworking, tenacious men cut into the landscape in search of seams of black gold: coal, the sparkly sediment then powering much of our modern world.

At one time, the Neath Valley was littered mines. These may have gone, and the blacked terrain reclaimed by the green tide of nature, but the mines have left behind an enduring mentality of community spirt, unity and belonging.

Just as black gold used to hide beneath the surface of our luscious landscape, deep in the underbelly of a semi-derelict building lays a hidden gem…

The Drift is a brand-spanking-new bar and restaurant housed in an old, iconic building. Resolven Miners’ Welfare is an historic institution, originally funded by those hardy chaps who worked the local drift mines.

It’s fair to say that the building has seen better days… we’re the first to admit that she looks pretty shabby! But this building hides more than one secret and has some startling surprises. So don’t judge a book by its cover, step inside and discover…

Taking inspiration from the building’s original purpose, and the era of its construction, The Drift is using its past to elevate the building into the future. Here you’ll find classic comfort food, served with a smile. In our restaurant some rules don’t apply. Here, opulence and affordability collide. Classy meets cosy, old meets new, history meets mystery. Think art deco chic and mining mystique!

Perhaps this sounds like a case of confused identity… it’s not, it’s a century’s worth of history. It’s been a long and eventful journey from opera to soup kitchen, and everything in-between.

But there is one thing we won’t compromise: nothing less than the warmest of Welsh welcomes will suffice. We are a community, and we’d love you to share that with you. Because a community isn’t just about the places we inhabit – it’s the attitudes, values and principles that bind us.

Here at The Drift, we are proud of our roots. We feel fortunate to be the descendants of hardworking families who chose to flock to forge a better life. People didn’t move here for the endless days of hard graft underground, but for the lively village life above: nights huddled around fires, gassing with neighbours, sharing a few jars with a good old-fashioned singalong… and nothing’s changed!

Resolven Miners’ Welfare is, and always has been, key to our kinship. Affectionately known as The Welf, as well as the new restaurant, our venue offers top-class entertainment like comedies, quiz and the odd bit of show biz!

But at the heart of our hearth are a bunch of devoted disciples: volunteers dedicated to keeping the building’s blood pumping for our young and upcoming. We have some rather grand ambitions… we’re not scared of hard work or afraid to think big, and we do dare to dream of the day when we can uncover one of our greatest treasures. If you’re lucky enough to have ever ventured up our stairs, you’ll know about one of Resolven’s ancient assets: a vast, vintage stage where, once upon an age, thespians acted and musicians they played. Audiences roared with laughter and sat in awe, delighted by the splendour and grandeur.

Our deepest desire, which burns like a fire, is to restore all that hides behind our doors. So come to The Drift, for some homemade tucker and check out the events that The Welf has to offer. All of your pennies, just like those miners, will go towards making our community building all the more finer. We’ve got the vision and the energy, but we need a little help. So, even if it’s just for a nose, pop your head into our eclectic old inn and see if we can temp you with a dish or a gin. We hope the friendly faces and the miles of smiles will remind you why our building exists: for the love, the laughs, the fun and the frolics

Head on over to The Drift Bar & Restaurant to book a table now! https://the-drift.co.uk/#section-_8n8prwVI