Happily married and father of two grown up sons, I have lived in the village for most of my life and currently live within a stone throw of the Welfare – although I’d never do that!

I currently work as a Project Engineer in a manufacturing facility just up the road in Merthyr, my new life as a Trustee is just another big project ;). Hopefully my skills as an organizer of tasks will come in handy.

I am really excited to be part of the new Trustee group, I share the vision of reopening the whole building, the cinema especially, so that villagers can once again experience what I did all those years ago.

Growing up in the village, my friends and I would ‘Go to pictures’ at least twice a week, it was always there for us no matter what the weather was. We had the opportunity to see the latest films as well as be amazed by the local talent on show at the excellently run opera season. The village is still full of ‘Performers’ of one genre or another, I’d like to give them all the opportunity of showing us all what they can do.

I would love to see the building brought back to its former glory, it has become rundown over the last couple of decades but was delighted to find that the main auditorium is still in great condition, brought back all my childhood memories – Let’s get this show back on the road!!!