In 2019 a group of women set up a coffee morning at the Resolven Miners Welfare. This small group of ladies continued to meet each Wednesday for a cuppa and a chat and decided that they would help build community spirit within Resolven through small events. Little did they know that these events would become so popular and a true blessing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Using digital platforms such as Facebook and then word of mouth, they began to plan.

Through the seasons, the group adapts its name on social media to match the event that they are planning, and this is always community driven and reflects the ongoing demand for something positive. It must also be recognised that funding of these community events came from the ladies’ own pocket initially. We at the Resolven Miners Welfare are now privileged to be part of a group of financial backers for the events during the last year and will support the group in ongoing events as best we can.

Their first event coincided with the 2019 Resolven Carnival and worked in partnership with the Resolven Community Events Group and Resolven Miners Welfare. The coffee morning group had the idea of painting rocks and hiding them throughout the Carnival site for children to find. The event was named Resolven Carnival Rocks. Children would hand in their found rock at the dedicated Resolven Miners Welfare stall and offered a treat/prize for each rock found. A simple but extremely popular event that would be the foundation for future events in years that followed.

Unfortunately, Resolven Carnival 2020 was cancelled due to covid however the idea of the previous rock hunt was resurrected on a larger scale to give children something to look forward to. Rocks were hidden around the village and children were asked to make a ‘Rock Snake’ outside Ynysfach Primary School and post photos. Lots of children got involved and it was a perfect event that would not cross any covid restrictions that were ongoing at the time.

From a successful cancelled carnival event came Resolven Does Halloween 2020. The same idea of painted rocks hidden within Resolven with a Halloween theme. Photos of rocks found by children were posted in a dedicated Facebook Group. As a prize for finding rocks, organisers then, on Halloween night, delivered treats to the children’s houses in fancy dress. Another remarkably successful event!

Next…. Resolven Remembrance. The group decided to ensure that Resolven recognised Remembrance Sunday November 2020 as covid restricted the number of people who could gather together. They produced a carpet of poppies that would drape the cenotaph in the village and Amanda Williams produced a stunning wooden wreath. They also decorated the Resolven Miners Welfare with poppies and worked with the trustees of the Resolven Miners Welfare to light the building up in red.

Claire Kirby from the Ladies Coffee Morning Group organised an 11 mile walk in recognition of the 11th hour of the 11th day to support the 2020 British Legion Poppy Appeal. She and Jessica Day completed the challenge and were able to raise £459 for the appeal. What a fantastic result ladies!

In the run up to Christmas it was evident that stricter lockdown restrictions would be enforced and so the group began plans for a Resolven Does Christmas event. Remarkably similar to the Halloween Event but with a giant Olaf and Christmas fancy dress delivering treats to children in the village. Through the rain, wind, strict covid restrictions and personal tragedy the group never faltered to ensure the children of Resolven would have fun and look forward to Christmas 2020!

This brings us to Resolven Does Easter 2021. Another fantastic event for the children of Resolven and surrounding areas with an incredibly special guest appearance by the Easter Bunny! Between the group’s dedication and a number of local residents helping to deliver this event, Resolven was once again basking in the glow of community spirit!

We at the Resolven Miners Welfare are immensely proud of this group’s accomplishments over the past year and we will continue to support them to ensure Resolven continues to be a wonderful place to live.