The 2022 Easter egg hunt was blessed with sunshine and smiles all around. It would never have happened without all the support and help from so many people. Pam Jones , Resolven Community Council, Kath Tyler, Lucy at Hers & Sirs, Leah from Waves , Fran and Ailwyn Jones, Neil Francis, Family Shopper, Ty Banc, Angela Rees, Mary Evans, Emily Gladwin, Lillia Gladwin, Ayla, Brooke and Cayla, all who have donated time and money to the event making it the success it was.

The event was organised and delivered by our Welfare Ladies Group who are always working on little projects with a smile. Without the hard work and dedication of Beverley Healey, Jessica Day, Emily Bayliss, Debbie Clarke, Claire Kirby and Yun Yun Herbert, the event would not have been possible. So, on behalf of the Resolven Miners Welfare, we salute you all! All at the Resolven Miners Welfare appreciate the hard work that must go into planning such event and we will continue to support such groups to make our community a better place for all. We look forward to the next event!