I have lived in Resolven for my entire life. I grew up in Vaughan Avenue with my family but have moved over to John Street as an independent homeowner. I have been a barman at Resolven Miners Welfare for six years but I have been an Electrician for the past year which included included a four year apprenticeship.

My grandfather was a miner at Aberpergwm Colliery for 50 years and was very well respected in the community as well as the Resolven Miners Welfare and still has a painting in the lounge to remember who he was but sadly passed back in 2015.

I am a very fit, active and young individual who has played rugby and football for the local Resolven teams from the age of 7 and currently still do. After being a barman at Resolven miners welfare for so many years I wanted to do a bit extra for the place and decided to become an extra part to the restoration project and become a director