I am a mother of four very busy girls, not forgetting her man child hubby, we have a very crazy home life, I am currently a dinner time yard supervisor at the local Ynysfach Primary School. I also volunteer for their events committee, run the 12th Neath Resolven Scouts Group and run my own franchised online business while being a company director for the Resolven Miners Welfare Ltd. I have a lot of love for Resolven, I feel it’s more than a little village in the Neath valley. We look out for each other here, and the welfare was a big part of my childhood so I want to do it justice.

I have lived in resolven from the age of two there is this no other place I would rather be as we have a strong sense of community spirit.

We are very proud people in Resolven and want it to be better for our families and their families.